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Facing Reality: Should My Three Year Old Still Nap?

The day has finally come. Mia has stopped napping.

I knew we were headed this direction when 10:30 P.M. would roll around and she would still be awake singing, talking or playing in her bed. We would start our usual bedtime routine, but I could tell she wasn’t tired. We’d read an endless amount of stories, turn the lights down, say our goodnights, leave the room and an hour or two later she would still be up. And the next day she would be exhausted.

Of course the days when I was working and my sitter would be here she would request a nap and sleep for a good hour or so. When I was home with her she wouldn’t nap, but I’d make her have some down time. Either in her room with some books, or in my bed with a quick show or movie while I got some work done. The days she was with me, she’d fall fast asleep at night. The days she would nap with my sitter, she’d be wide awake.

I discussed my observations with my husband and we determined that it was time to do away with naps. My sitter did not necessarily agree with me on this issue because Mia always acted so tired with her and still requested naps. If it meant that she would go to bed easier for me that evening, there would no longer be afternoon naps.

Now nearly two weeks later, bedtime is a breeze. She’s actually very tired. There is a lot less stalling. Some nights she’ll even tell us it’s time for her to go to bed. And mere minutes after we say goodnight and close the door, she is out.

So if your pre-schooler wants to party all night and is dragging during the day, ditch the naps. I know it’s so hard to give up that quiet time for yourself in the afternoon, but the nights won’t be such a struggle anymore.