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Facing Reality: Should My Three Year Old Still Nap?

The day has finally come. Mia has stopped napping.

I knew we were headed this direction when 10:30 P.M. would roll around and she would still be awake singing, talking or playing in her bed. We would start our usual bedtime routine, but I could tell she wasn’t tired. We’d read an endless amount of stories, turn the lights down, say our goodnights, leave the room and an hour or two later she would still be up. And the next day she would be exhausted.

Of course the days when I was working and my sitter would be here she would request a nap and sleep for a good hour or so. When I was home with her she wouldn’t nap, but I’d make her have some down time. Either in her room with some books, or in my bed with a quick show or movie while I got some work done. The days she was with me, she’d fall fast asleep at night. The days she would nap with my sitter, she’d be wide awake.

I discussed my observations with my husband and we determined that it was time to do away with naps. My sitter did not necessarily agree with me on this issue because Mia always acted so tired with her and still requested naps. If it meant that she would go to bed easier for me that evening, there would no longer be afternoon naps.

Now nearly two weeks later, bedtime is a breeze. She’s actually very tired. There is a lot less stalling. Some nights she’ll even tell us it’s time for her to go to bed. And mere minutes after we say goodnight and close the door, she is out.

So if your pre-schooler wants to party all night and is dragging during the day, ditch the naps. I know it’s so hard to give up that quiet time for yourself in the afternoon, but the nights won’t be such a struggle anymore.


What I Learned From National Blog Posting Month 2012

Hooray! It’s November 30 and this is the last post and last day of NaBloPoMo! I posted on this blog every day for a month straight. Are you sick of me yet?

What did I learn from this little blogging experiment?

  • I really love writing this blog. I let it go for a while when I was pregnant and moving from the city to the suburbs, but writing every day has renewed my interest in mommy blogging.
  • People are reading. I’ve seen my site visits shoot way up this month and so many people have told me in person they read my blog. I’m flattered.
  • If you put it out there, you’ll get it back.  I received some great pitches (and not so great – doomsday preppers I am not interested in your guest post). I’ll be writing about a few cool products and doing my first giveaways soon…stay tuned. I also snagged a new writing gig at My Daily Find Chicago – I’m a parenting/family contributor for the site.
  • Writing every day is really hard. While I certainly will try to blog more frequently, I don’t think a post every day is necessary. Unless, of course, I have something to say.

Thank you for reading along!



A Forced Blog Post

Today was nice, but long. We had a play date at the mall this afternoon, which I thought would totally wear the girls out. Wrong. Mia wouldn’t take a nap and the baby is still crying on and off and won’t go down.

I am ready to call it a night.

If it wasn’t still November, there would be no blog post today. There are just a few more days left and I really couldn’t skip a day now. Could I?

Instead I bring you a photo dump. The mom blogger’s answer to I have nothing to write about so look at cute pictures of my kids.


Holidays 2012

Thanksgiving is next week! I ordered my turkey, selected pies from the Bent Fork bakery, worked on my menu and informed my family members which dishes they will be responsible for making.

Today I ordered my holiday cards and selected a date for the family Hanukkah party.

I even bought Mia’s first Hanukkah gift. The movie, Brave. Shhh. Don’t tell her.

Mia brought home a book about Santa Claus from the library. She is very into the song Jingle Bells. I think we will take her to see Christmas lights in the Suaganash neighborhood this year.

It’s the holiday season. Are you ready?

Say Mama

Lana has been saying “dada” for a good two months now and that’s about the only word she says – she is nine months.

I looked back in Mia’s baby book and at seven months she was saying “dada,” “mama,” “baba” and at nine months she was saying “hello.”

I’m not trying to compare them, but remembering that did put some perspective on why Mia speaks like a five year old now when she is only three.  She’s always been very verbal. She’ll talk your ear off.

Lana on the other hand, is a girl of few words at this point. It doesn’t really concern me that she only says one word. She certainly babbles up a storm and communicates in other ways – like the various tones and levels of her shrieks all have some meaning. For example, the other day I was in our kitchen and she was in the family room (which is open to the kitchen) and she was crawling around looking for me and going “aaah?” “aaah?” It was very clear she was calling for me.

I’m constantly telling her to “say mama” and you know what that little bugger does…she looks at me and says “dada.” All the time. Without fail. It’s in this absolutely adorable breathy voice and is very cute. But she never says “mama.”

I’m really looking forward to the day when she finally does!

My Incredible Growing Children

This week Aaron and I had a parent/teacher conference at Mia’s preschool.  This made me chuckle because she is so little and mostly plays at school.  But it’s always nice to hear from someone outside your family that they think your child is just as funny as you do.  Her teachers also told us that she is very age appropriate and is exactly where she should be developmentally.

They also showed me the difference between her work from September and now via these two projects.  The apple is from the fall and the blue face is recent.

At the beginning of school she had no idea where to place facial features, but now she does.  Pretty amazing to see your child developing skills.

Oh and not to be overshadowed, here is an adorable pic of Lana who just turned three months. She is trying with all her might to roll back to front.  Yikes!

A Big Girl Bed

As of last night, Mia has graduated to a big girl bed!

We’ve been asking for a while now if she wanted to get a big girl bed and her answer was always “no.”  So we made the decision to purchase a second crib for Lana and let Mia stay in her crib (didn’t want to throw too many changes at her with the new baby).

So wouldn’t you know, as Lana approaches the three month mark, Mia decides she’s had with the crib (side note: this crib, while absolutely stunning, was very expensive. A first-time parenting mistake – I just had to have that designer, organic crib).

It started Friday night after a play date with our friend, C, who has been in a big boy bed for a few weeks now.  Mia was very intrigued by the bed and kept making trips up to his bedroom to admire it.  That night as the stories started to wind down and she knew bedtime was approaching she started to discuss that she did not want to sleep in a crib anymore and she wanted a “big boy bed” like C.  And when I say discuss I mean discuss because my two and a half year old has better verbal skills than most 15 year olds.

So I told her I would talk to Daddy and we would figure it out.  The next day I began to call around to local children’s boutiques to order the toddler bed conversion kit for my first child’s very expensive crib.  I was repeatedly told by each store that they could not order it for me or that they didn’t carry that brand anymore (still paying for that darn crib).  I could not find the conversion kit and websites were qouting me six to eight weeks delivery time.

I didn’t have that long to wait.  Mia wanted a bed and she wanted it now.  This resulted in her sleeping on her crib mattress on her bedroom floor Saturday night.  It was a great test to see if she could stay on the mattress during the night.  I don’t mean roll off, I mean physically stay there and not come into our room.  She cried about it, but when we went to wake her up (this child sleeps like a 15 year old) on Sunday morning, she hadn’t made a move.

Test passed.

So we ended up calling around to Babies R Us and Toys R Us and found a toddler bed for $70.  We picked it up yesterday, Aaron spent Sunday afternoon putting it together and by Sunday night we had this…

She cried a few times during the night, but never got up.  It’s been so interesting watching her mentally process the situation.  She completely understands this is a big step and that she is growing up.  Lets hope the next step is wearing “big girl underwear.”