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Vomiting at School

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that Mia throws up at the drop of hat. No really. If you drop a hat in a way she finds in any way repulsive, she just might puke.

Vomiting occurs at least twice a week in this house. She could be turned off by the smell of something, the look of something or the way in which you talk about something. And since Lana has ditched baby food and each meal is quite the mushed-up mess all over her face, Lana has Mia running for the toilet on a daily basis.

So I was not surprised when I got the following phone call yesterday from Mia’s teacher at school.

“Hi. Mia threw up. You need to come and get her.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

When I got to school she was quarantined in the front office, wearing her extra set of clothing that was too small on her since she’s grown so much since the beginning of the year. She looked a little sad and gave me the biggest greeting when I got there.


“Hi Mia. Did you throw up?”

“I did.”

“Why? Does your tummy hurt? Do you feel sick?”


“Then what made you throw up?”

“Um, Maddy was coughing and I didn’t like it so it made me throwed up. I’m hungry, can I have lunch now?”

I have a feeling we have a long career of vomiting at school ahead of us.


Making Friends

Up until this point in Mia’s life, the friends and play dates we have are really the result of me being friendly or having relationships with the playmate’s mother. Play dates after all are really for mom. A chance to pass some time in your long day and have a minute of adult conversation.

When Mia started coming home every day from school talking about her classmate “M” and then we went to parent/teacher conferences and was told that her and “M” buddy around all the time, I realized that Mia made a friend all on her own.

Then I did something I had never done before, I scheduled a play date on behalf of Mia. I had met “M”‘s mom in passing at pick-up and she seemed very nice. I looked at the class list and sent her an email and we arranged to go to lunch at Northbrook Court after school with the girls and the babies (“M” has a baby sister about Lana’s age).

Mia and “M” had a blast. Mia took all her fruit from lunch and put it in her water bottle and offered it to “M” to drink, which she promptly did. Then they played a game they made up themselves, called “what.” They each took turns saying “what” to each other in funny voices.

We went to the treehouse at NBC after lunch and Mia and “M” ran around playing Cinderella and pretending it was the “stroke of midnight.” Then we ran the girls around the mall and they stopped at Teavana, where “M” showed Mia that they have “free samples!” Mia couldn’t resist a free beverage and the girls drank passionfruit iced tea to their hearts’ content.

Then they ran around some more giggling and hugging each other and talking in a language that only three year old big sisters can understand.

It was so adorable and it made my heart sing to watch. This was a friend that Mia had found all on her own. After watching them together I could totally see why they’ve become besties.

Oh and “M”‘s mom is super cool too. Which is a bonus for me!

The Flower Girl That Wasn’t


I once read somewhere that “three is two with intention.”

There are less breakdowns over the frustrations of being misunderstood, but so many more meltdowns over the heartbreak of being told they can’t do or get what they want.

Mia had the honor of being the flower girl in her uncle’s wedding this weekend. A role which I had hoped and prayed she would be able to perform, but deep down in my heart knew that there was a strong chance it wasn’t going to happen.

This was a big wedding, with a lot of moving parts. For example, there was a camera crew following the bride and groom around all day, making an HD-quality, mini-movie and it wasn’t being filmed for a TLC wedding show. It was just for their own personal memento.

As a mother, my world revolves around my children. I think they are the best, cutest, smartest, gorgeous beings in the whole world. They are always the center of my attention. BUT as a mother (and someone who was once a bride), I understand that the couple (or really the bride) should be the center of attention on wedding day.

Mia was great all day, she got her make-up done, her hair done, hung out with all the bridesmaids, got to put on her pretty dress and party shoes and spin around like a princess.

Then right before it was time to take pictures, she hit that lovely hour when your cute preschooler turns into a little gremlin. We tried pumping her full of sweets and sugar, but it didn’t work. And I’d be lying if I said she didn’t sense our anxiety of not wanting to be the ones to cause a scene, which further drove her into a whining mess.

Our immediate family was a huge help. My husband’s cousin swept in and took Mia across the room to distract her.

Mia wouldn’t join us for most of the family photos, but the photographer managed to snap this photo. Which makes me laugh hysterically now that the day is behind us.

Once photos were over, my husband and I decided we were going to pull the plug on her as the flower girl. She was just too unpredictable, and this was not the type of environment where a three year old’s improvisational skills would add to the storyline.

She missed the wedding.

BUT, with grace and humor we decided to put her in her flower girl dress for the brunch the next day and let the situation roll off our backs. She ate bagels and fruit and drank milk out of a coffee cup and had the time of her life.

Halloween 2012 – Disney Princess Edition

It’s Disney Princess central around here. We have all of the princess dolls, a Disney movie plays at some point in the day (right now it’s the newly released Blu-Ray of Cinderella) and our playroom looks likes Disney Princesses threw up all over it (there is no mistaking that two little girls live in this house).

So it was no surprise when asked what Mia wanted to be for Halloween this year, she thought about it for two seconds and announced “Ariel. And I want the red hair.”

Last year she was Tangled sans the golden hair – she wasn’t into wigs yet.

So my Mom being the diligent grandmother that she is went to Target and picked up quite the costume complete with the bright red hair that Ariel The Little Mermaid is known for. Mia was so excited about the costume, but I was very skeptical that she would put the wig on.

Boy was I wrong. When it came time to get dressed, we placed that wig on her and my three year old turned into Mae West and began vamping around. I was blown away.

I asked her to pose for the camera so I could get a picture of her and I told her to put her hands on her hips. She replied back, “It’s called your waist. That’s what we call it in ballet.”

And then this happened….



A Taste of Halloween

I have very distinct childhood memories of carving pumpkins. You see my father has a bit of a pumpkin seed obsession. He loves to roast his own seeds. Every year we would carve our pumpkins, he would make homemade pumpkin seeds and we would eat them up.

Now that I have a proper front porch and Mia is old enough to get into the spirit of Halloween, I decided it’s time to start this tradition with my own family. We went to the pumpkin patch at Didier Farms, picked out a pumpkin to take home with us and carved him up over the weekend.

I diligently scooped out the guts, sorted through the seeds and left them to dry overnight. The next day I simply popped them in the oven and baked them at 350 degrees until they were a nice golden brown color. Mia is too young to enjoy the seeds now, but hopefully as she gets older, she’ll come to love them as much as I do!

Problem Solving – My Toddler Won’t Take a Bath Anymore

About a week ago, Mia just stopped liking her baths (or should I say showers, because she moved from the bath to the shower).  She refused to go in and we could only make it happen while she was kicking and screaming.

What had happened? I’m not sure if we will ever know, but our nanny did say that Mia told her that “agua hot.” (Yes, our daughter calls water agua.) So perhaps the water had been too hot once and now she was scared. In any case bath/shower time had become challenging.

What to do? I decided that we needed to actually go back in the tub versus the shower and we needed to make it the most fun bath time experience ever!  I told my husband to get into his bathing suit and draw a very luke warm bath with lots of bubbles and toys.  I put Mia in her suit and told her we were going swimming.

Daddy got in the bath, turned on some music and began splashing around saying “This is so much fun!” “I love baths!” “I’m having the best time.” Meanwhile I played with Mia just outside the bathroom door so that she could hear Daddy having a glorious bath and become interested.

It worked like a charm.  In no time Mia was walking curiously into the bathroom and watching Daddy have so much fun.  She walked right up to the bath tub and wanted to get in.  I let her feel the water so she would know that “agua” was not hot.  Then she got in and hasn’t really wanted to get out since.

Every night after dinner she has been asking for a bath.

Problem solved.

You Know Your Wife Is A You Know What When….

At Whole Foods last Friday night for dinner.  Waiting in line to pay for our food.  Couple in front of us with two small kids checking out with dinner plus groceries.  Wife is bossing husband around.  Do this, do that, put this here, etc.

My husband picked up a few samples of chocolate covered matzoh for dessert.  He places them on top of the container of hot food while we are waiting to pay.  They melt all over the place.

I point this out to my husband and ask him why he put the chocolate on top of the hot food.  Before he has a chance to respond, the husband in front of us turns to me and replies:

“I’m sorry.”

Then he went and got napkins and cleaned up my husband’s mess.

You know you’re married to a b**** when you apologize to perfect for strangers for something you didn’t do and clean up a mess you didn’t make.