About SCM

GALVIN__0111mTUDFSecond City Mommy began as a way for me to chronicle my experiences as a mom in the city. It continues with my adventures of raising two daughters in the Chicago suburbs.


One thought on “About SCM

  1. Robyn Spritzer

    Hi. I have just stumbled across your site and blog, and would love to introduce you to our product. We actually designed it with city moms in mind. I lived in NYC for 14 years, and had a short stay (6 months) in Chicago. Now, both my business partner and I are living in NJ with 3 kids each. My children are 6 and twin 2 year olds, and Susanne has 7 year old triplets. The name of our product is Hold-On Handles. It is the first stroller accessory and walking rope for 1-3 children. It gives mom the extra hands she needs when she is most “out-handed” – when out and about with her little walkers. Please check out our website, and if we can share more information with you, we would be delighted. Thanks! Robyn


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