A Broken Arm

Getting her cast on and off.

Getting her cast on and off.

In all of my 33 years I have never broken a bone (knock on wood). Wouldn’t you know my four year old would fall off a pony and break her elbow.

It all started innocently enough on a Sunday right before Halloween. My parents took Mia to a farm where the big event was self-guided pony rides. My parents both accompanied Mia and stood on either side of her as the pony walked the trail.

In an instant, the way accidents often happen, the horse went one way, Mia went the other, slipped passed my Mom and hit the ground on her arm.

My parents called right away to let me know and I talked to Mia who was pretty shaken up. We decided to meet back at home and asses the situation.

When I arrived home Mia was laying on the couch and didn’t want to move her arm. While she was very quiet, she was extremely upset. She wouldn’t let me lift her arm to examine her.

I carried her up to her bedroom and asked if she was being really brave, or if she really hurt and needed to go to the doctor. I was pretty blown away by her maturity when she responded that she was trying to be brave but she wanted to go to the hospital. So off we went.

You realize just how small your child is when they are lying on a cot in the ER. Also, nothing makes you feel more like a parent when you are speaking to healthcare professionals about your child’s well-being.

Long story short an x-ray clearly showed her arm was broken. I saw it right away. Luckily, it was not dislocated and she did not need surgery. They wrapped it in a splint and we brought her home to let the swelling go down before we visited a specialist.

Later in the week she got a cast put on just in time for her Halloween costume (Strawberry Shortcake) not to fit her. We improvised and she was a princess instead. The way she handled the “costume change” was impressive. To switch gears like that on a four year old could trigger a major meltdown.

In fact, the way she handled the whole experience of having a cast made me so proud of her. Aside from the first few days of keeping her activity low key, she bounced right back and never let it stop her.

Today the cast was removed. Last night we talked about what would happen and how they would take the cast off. She was still pretty nervous, but she tried her best to put on a brave face. When they finally cracked open the cast and removed it from her arm, she buried her head in my husband’s chest and began to sob. I truly believe they were tears of relief. It had to be hard and uncomfortable for her these past few weeks.

I know in the scheme of things a broken arm is pretty mild, but I’m still so proud of her!


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