My Daily Find Chicago: My Favorite Chicago Tot Musicians

As a parenting and family contributor for My Daily Find Chicago, it’s my job to scope out area finds for Chicagoland parents.

Yesterday I wrote a post about one of my favorite tot rock musicians, Little Miss Ann. She really changed my feeling about kiddie music. I love listening to her CDs. She brings a fresh and funky sound to classics like “You Are My Sunshine” and other favorites. I’ve seen her several times in concert and she always gets the kids dancing and the parents clapping.

Another local fave kiddie rocker is Mindy Hester & The Time Outs. Mindy started a

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Mindy Hester Chicago Tot Musician

music school for babies and tots, Rock and Roll Arts Academy. Both Mia and Lana absolutely adored her classes. Recently she shifted her programming and now takes her classes on the road. She’ll conduct in-home classes or musical playdates. Gather your favorite group of babies and ladies, pick a convenient time to meet and Mindy will come to you with her guitar and other musical props.

Mindy sings kid classics, but she also mixes in The Beatles, The Dead, Jimi Hendrix and other great musicians too. It’s really refreshing.

We love her CDs too. She takes classic songs like “Rockin in the Free World” and changes the lyrics to suit the preschool group – “Keep on rockin in the preschool.”

Mindy and her band will be performing at The Beat Kitchen Sunday, March 17 at Noon.

As Mia gets older, her musical taste is definitely maturing. She does love popular Top 40 songs, but sometimes the lyrics of those songs aren’t appropriate for her. That’s why we love the KidzBop series. The CDs feature kids singing popular songs and they change the lyrics when necessary to be kid-friendly.

What are some of your favorite musical acts for the under five?


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