Vomiting at School

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that Mia throws up at the drop of hat. No really. If you drop a hat in a way she finds in any way repulsive, she just might puke.

Vomiting occurs at least twice a week in this house. She could be turned off by the smell of something, the look of something or the way in which you talk about something. And since Lana has ditched baby food and each meal is quite the mushed-up mess all over her face, Lana has Mia running for the toilet on a daily basis.

So I was not surprised when I got the following phone call yesterday from Mia’s teacher at school.

“Hi. Mia threw up. You need to come and get her.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

When I got to school she was quarantined in the front office, wearing her extra set of clothing that was too small on her since she’s grown so much since the beginning of the year. She looked a little sad and gave me the biggest greeting when I got there.


“Hi Mia. Did you throw up?”

“I did.”

“Why? Does your tummy hurt? Do you feel sick?”


“Then what made you throw up?”

“Um, Maddy was coughing and I didn’t like it so it made me throwed up. I’m hungry, can I have lunch now?”

I have a feeling we have a long career of vomiting at school ahead of us.


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